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An Open Letter to the Administrators of OSGrid
Zitat:March 14, 2013

re: deletion of my forum account and blocking of my avatar account

On February 12, 2013 I discovered that my forum account had been deleted and that my entry to OSGrid had been blocked. On that following day, February 13, I emailed a request to OSGrid requesting the reasons for that action. The email address I used is the one provided on the OSGrid website at when a person clicks on the Contact menu button. The email address given was The following is a copy of that email;

On February 12, 2013, I discovered that my account on the OSGrid forums was deleted. Later that day, I also discovered that I could no longer login to OSGrid.

I have not been informed of the reason(s) for this action. I request a clear explanation as to why I have been banned from OSGrid and its forums.

By February 28, 2013, I had not received a reply, not even an autoreply. I then sent a second email asking for the same information;

On February 12, 2013 I discovered that my forum account, Sarge Misfit, was deleted and that my access to OSGrid, as Sarge Misfit, had been blocked.

On February 13, 2013, two weeks ago, I sent you an email for the information as to why I have been banned from OSGrid and its forums.

I have not yet received any reply from you.

I am once again asking to be informed of the reason(s) for being banned. I am also asking to be informed of how long I will be banned.

Again, I have not received a reply, not even an automated one.

I can understand being banned if I had engaged any activities that harass or “grief” others, but I had not been on OSGrid since before December 2012. To the best of my knowledge, I have never had an Abuse Report filed against me nor has anyone made me aware that any of my inworld activities where in any way a violation of policy or the Terms of Service. Especially in light of the fact that no policy or ToS has been published.

I can understand having my forum account deleted if I had engaged in harassment or “trolling”, but, to the best of my knowledge, I have not done so. Nor has anyone made me aware that anything I posted in the forums were in anyway interpreted as harassing or “trolling”.

In fact, given the topics of discussion at that time, I can only conclude that these actions were taken to punish me for disagreeing with your actions of sudden policy enforcement and the closing of the Town Hall Meetings.

Is that conclusion correct? That people are punished with banning and account deletion for merely voicing their disagreement with your decisions?

If so, I find that to be truly disheartening. Each of you Administrators are citizens of countries that hold the rights and freedoms of the individual in high regard. The vast majority of your residents all live in countries that hold the same principles in high regard. OSGrid itself is headquartered in the United States, the nation that is the preeminent defender of such rights as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression.

Those same nations are nations that strive to be just and equitable. Those same nations hold to be true that a person has a right to be informed of the reasons for any disciplinary action or punishment, that a person be given an opportunity to defend themselves from unfounded allegations. I have not been treated in such a fashion. I have had a punishment levied against me without informing me of why, without giving me a fair hearing, without any method by which I may state my case.

Would you punish a child without telling him or her why?

Yet this is the treatment that I have received, punishment without reason. Such are the actions of dictators and tyrants, which I cannot believe that you are.

I am not demanding a reinstatement of my accounts. I am requesting an explanation of why I have been banned from participating in the OSGrid community.


Sarge Misfit

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